About Us

Bed & Breakfast Host and Hostess

Gary and Deborah Bowmar are the owners and innkeepers of The Lodge at Beaver Lake bed and breakfast. If you are having an intimate weekend away or a small business retreat you will be made to feel at home by your gracious host and hostess.

If you want to experience fun vacations for couples in one of the most romantic vacation spots, you want The Lodge at Beaver Lake. Take advantage of all Beaver Lake offers (water sports, fishing, hiking, or scuba diving). Or, just relax and unwind. And enjoy the spectacular views and accommodations. And while you are at it, meet the best host and hostess around.

Gary Bowmar in canoe on Beaver Lake

Chef Gary Bowmar

Gary has a long history in the hospitality industry. In 1971, he began what would become a long career in serving others. Gary was an Innkeeper at The Wren’s Nest in Portsmouth, NH. He and his family ran the Inn until he set off on a new adventure in 2010.

Before Gary and Deborah owned The Lodge, Gary was a professional Chef and owned a restaurant in Portsmouth. There, he honed his culinary craft which he uses to provide a feast for their guests. Gary is the private chef for every guest who stays at the bed and breakfast. He thoughtfully puts together fresh, delicious meals you won’t soon forget. It is quite the adventure for your taste buds!

Deborah Bowmar in canoe on Beaver Lake

Deborah Bowmar

Every adventurer needs his leading lady to assist him in his many enterprises. But, make no mistake, Deborah is quite the globetrotter herself. As a former American Airlines flight attendant, she has had a few adventures of her own. She may have turned in her wings to fly the friendly skies, but she is still serving and attending others.

Today, Deborah loves making sure her guests have the experience of a lifetime at The Lodge. And, they do. Her goal is for every guest to feel like their retreat, The Lodge, is a “home away from home.” And because she loves to decorate and remodel, The lodge is carefully designed to be a cozy place for guests to relax and unwind or for romantic weekend getaways. Along with being a gracious hostess for the B & B, she is also a Registered Nurse.

Together, Gary and Deborah have shared in many adventures, they even lived in Australia for four years. Now, The Lodge at Beaver Lake is their latest adventure where they entertain guests from around the world.

Be adventurous, and make memories. Ask about our affordable vacation packages for two.

Oh! And don’t miss out on Gary’s fabulous grilled mushroom and onion burger!

See you soon!